#HumanAndFriendly and the children of the Akouda SOS village in Tunisia

Smiles, happiness, cries of joy and eyes wide with amazement and wonder.

This is the climate that welcomed the group which Saverio Romeo was part of with the #HumanAndFriendly project; on the 3rd of November we visited the orphanage of Akouda in Tunisia.

The structure, that we can define as a real oases of serenity in despair, welcomes about 100 children and young people from 5 to 24 years old: everyone no longer has parents or the same can no longer look after them.

A “dad” manages the structure and many “moms” take care of the little ones every day, trying to recreate what could be an environment that is closer to what is perceived as a family.

Amid a thousand economic, bureaucratic and psychological difficulties, we have tried to bring a breath of carelessness and hope.

Thank you to the HFiltration team and to all the cowokers of the Legnano CoWo who helped us to collect more than 100 kg of toys, clothes and school supplies.