Human And Friendly

Green: a philosophy of life

HFiltration filters reduce pollution, improve the environment of the companies for which we produce them and respect the environmental and safety standards currently in force.All our systems are ISO certified:


Our commitment to the environment is not limited to this: our green philosophy goes beyond what we offer to customers. All our products are designed to limit the impact on the environment and each internal production cycle is designed to recycle as much as possible, consuming as little as possible.

Every single aspect of corporate life is designed to encourage the employees to pay more attention to consumption and the effects on climate and nature.

We have also launched a series of initiatives under the name “Human And Friendly”, which aim to make our partners and all our contacts aware of the issue regarding the respect for nature.

For us “green” is not just a productive environment, it is a real philosophy imprinted in the DNA of our company and in the corporate governance.