Industry 4.0 and remote control

What is HFMonitoring and how does it work?

HFiltration’s expertise lies in air filtration systems for industrial environments.

We have always worked alongside our customers and companies in Italy and Europe to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of air cleanliness, healthy working environments and optimisation of consumption and filtration processes.
We are constantly evolving and researching, which is why we have developed a new on-board monitoring system capable of responding to the requirements of Industry 4.0.

HFMonitoring is a remote monitoring system for installations, which allows our technicians to connect to the machines and check them in real time:

  • Operating parameters
  • Working hours
  • Alarm messages sent by email and/or sms
  • Temperature detection
  • Clogging status of the filter elements by reading the pressure difference (∆p)

This system makes it possible to set up scheduled monitoring activities in the best possible way, so that preventive action can be taken on any technical support or maintenance report.

Discover HFMonitoring

What does HF Monitoring do?

HF Monitoring facilitates the 4.0 transition for companies.

This system can be used to understand the operating status of the machine and report unusual conditions, including filter clogging, emission compliance, temperature measurement, and a full dust bin. Once the data has been acquired, it will be transmitted to the SIM card which will send it to the dedicated database.

The platform will allow:

  • Checking filter status remotely on PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Monitoring pressure drops
  • Scheduling of maintenance work
  • Notifying when the dust bin is full
  • Checking compliance with emission limits
  • Checking the operating temperature of the filter system.

In conclusione, HF Monitoring facilita il controllo dell’impianto, ne agevola la preservazione, prolunga la sua durata e diminuisce i costi di mantenimento.
Scegliere di installare HFMonitoring con l’acquisto dell’impianto, come è stato fatto da molti nostri clienti, permette un notevole risparmio sulle manutenzioni straordinarie e una importante prevenzione di fermi produttivi.

In conclusion, HFMonitoring facilitates the supervision of the installation, facilitates its preservation, extends its life and reduces maintenance costs.
Choosing to install HFMonitoring with the purchase of the system, as has been done by many of our customers, allows significant savings on extraordinary maintenance and important prevention of production downtime.

HFMonitoring Advantages

  • Preventing extraordinary maintenance;
  • Timely planning of routine maintenance;
  • Effective and timely remote monitoring of the system’s operational status;
  • Reducing maintenance and operating costs;
  • Possibility of effective and punctual live analysis of the operating status of the plant;
  • Prompt identification of any critical issues as soon as they arise.

What if you don’t have an HFiltration system?
No problem! HFMonitoring can be installed on any system.

👇Contact us for dedicated advice from an HFiltration expert who will also show you a demo area for consultation.

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