Why choose HFService packages?

The different solutions allow you to:

  • Preventing production downtime
  • Reducing ordinary and extraordinary maintenance costs
  • Taking timely action by scheduling ordinary maintenance
  • Preventing extraordinary maintenance
  • Entrusting your systems to specialized operators
  • Monitoring remotely filtration systems
  • Focusing on production activities

What do you find in the HFService packages?

Nr. 2 routine maintenance work
Scheduled ordinary maintenance including traveling
Spare parts in prompt delivery
Spare parts available for prompt delivery at any time
Warranty Extension
Exclusively on HFiltration machines (12+12 months)
Extraordinary maintenance interventions 1 2
Assistance on call or within 72 hours
Discount on spare parts 10% 20% 30%
Digital technical report Each intervention Monthly Monthly
HFMonitoring contribution (one-time fee)
Remote technical support with HFMonitoring

*Minimum contract duration 12 months

Routine maintenance work includes:

  • Replacement of original spare parts
  • Cleaning of filtering units
  • Suction ducting check
  • Structural checks
  • Electromechanical check
  • Electrostatic cell washing
  • DP check
  • Issue of end-of-work report

Relax! If something goes wrong, HFMonitoring takes care of it!

HFMonitoring is a remote supervision system that monitors the operating parameters of filtration systems. Through a multi-device platform the data can be consulted in real time, 24 hours a day. In case of anomalies, the system sends an alarm via SMS or e-mail.

Discover HFMonitoring

Why should we do maintenance?

HFiltration has  been designing, manufacturing and developing air filtration systems for industrial environments. The process of innovation which has involved the industry has led our team to study and create ideal solutions, in particular capable of responding to the requirements of Industry 4.0, but also to give due attention to the maintenance of the systems themselves.

As a result of these studies was born HFService, a set of packages for preventive maintenance, which aim to extend the life of the equipment as much as possible, but also reduce operating costs: Prevention is better than cure. This approach makes it possible to keep the efficiency level of machines high, to work safely, but also to notice well in advance any alarm bells that need ad hoc intervention.

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