Conical cartridges: HFiltration systems’ new standard

The filters produced from the 20th of August 2019 will have conical cartridges as a standard

HFiltration works to offer the best possible products to its customers: technologically efficient, competitive and always at the forefront with respect to the market needs.

For this reason, starting from the 20th of August 2019 (we mean production date and not delivery date) our standard cartridge filters in the Pulsatron Compact and Mist Compact range will be equipped with highly performing conical cartridges as a standard.

The conical cartridges will replace the cylindrical ones; this upgrade will not lead to any increase in price lists and will surely bring about advantages for the filtration system.

In fact, conical cartridges will not only have the same surface and the same filtration speed, but will also guarantee better performances of the cleaning system: the particles will come off more easily from the top of the cartridge thus reducing significantly the probability that they will reattach again to the filtering element.

Furthermore, a low can velocity rate is very important for measuring the efficiency of the cleaning system: it will be reduced by 21% at the base of the cartridge and 11% at the middle of the cartridge.

The filters produced before the 20th of August 2019 will be compatible with the new conical cartridges.

Conical cartridges technical features

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