We design and manufacture air filtration systems for industrial environments.



We help companies protect people, production and the environment inside and outside the factories in an active, conscious and constructive way, both through our products and by supporting the culture of sustainability and attention to nature.


We create air purification and filtration systems to protect the environment, we interact with the customer to provide an attentive, punctual and tailored service with respect to his needs. A commitment that is realized not only in the design phase, but also in the after-sales, creating a real stable relationship over time.

About us

We have always aspired to achieve great results.

HFiltration was born with this intent: to obtain great results in an ethical way, both in production and in the development of constructive relationships with partners and collaborators.

The evolutionary process started in 1990, paying attention to the needs of local SMEs; over the time, we have developed technologies tailored to each type of company in any production environment.

We monitor every process: we visit production sites to take care of our clients’ requests, we investigate the specific needs, we engineer the best solution, we design and develop customized products able to optimize the results, turning every problem into an opportunity.

The improvement of the individual is a collective improvement.

Our technical department has the use of the latest generation design software. All the people involved in the company take constant refresher courses to maintain the high level of professionalism we aim to offer. We strongly believe in the value of the individual and in the contribution that passion and creativity can bring to each and every project.

Each HFiltration product is “Made in Italy” certified: we guarantee the quality of the materials we use and their origin, from the engineering to the final product.

A group with an Italian heart and a European identity.

Our customers are all over the national, European and even international territory. Our Italian heart remains the center of the HFiltration Group, which has developed in 2019 incorporating two partners that, over the years, have collaborated in a precious

way in Europe: HF Polska and SFS Swiss Filtration System, which, with the acquisition, has changed its name, becoming HF Swiss.

HFiltration has never contented itself with being just a supplier and, with this acquisition, it becomes a capillary reality in the territory, capable of combining experience and innovation.

Despite the fact that we have changed our name into “Group”, we do not forget that we are an SME, which stands out for its almost artisan care and the attention tailored to each individual customer.